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Recreational Real Estate

Recreational Real Estate

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Recreational Real Estate is a market outside of typical residential real estate that encompasses properties typically purchased as secondary residences or properties that have income potential. Investors have realized that owning a cottage can not only mean enjoyment for their entire family, but also enjoyment for other families and friends by way of vacation rentals. The ability to rent your property helps to support and offset costs associated with owning a secondary property. Some investors have found this so lucrative that they have sought to invest across several popular rental markets such as Collingwood and Muskoka. As a recreational property investor I have found it lucrative to invest in both the Collingwood and Muskoka markets as each market is unique in its offerings.

Ontario Cottage Counrty


Muskoka in central Ontario, Canada spans six townships and is part of the region known as cottage country.

If you enjoy wildlife, lakes and outdoor activities, then Muskoka could be your perfect retreat! Muskoka is a place full of spirit and adventure where you can enjoy summers boating and swimming, hiking amid beautiful autumn foliage, snowmobiling on the area’s many trails, snowshoeing and ice fishing all winter, and springtime hikes and bike rides in the vibrant forests. Muskoka offers great opportunities for investment across its many highly desirable vacation destinations. Let’s find your own haven in Muskoka!

Simcoe County, Ontario


Collingwood in Simcoe County, Ontario, Canada is situated on Nottawasaga Bay at the southern point of Georgian Bay.

Collingwood is a fabulous four-season town with many outdoor activities to enjoy all year long. Ski in the winter, bike in the spring, hike in the fall, and hit the beach or take to your boat in the summer. The possibilities are endless for healthy outdoor living! There’s a vibrant downtown core with many unique shops and restaurants also sure to keep you occupied even on down days.

The town and surrounding area is also a wonderful spot to invest if you’re considering renting your property out as a vacation home. The rental market attracts guests from around the globe all year long! Let’s find your own haven in Collingwood!

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